Wood chest makeover with chalk paint

I found this beautiful simple chest at my favorite thrift store in our area. One look at it and boom!!! – love at first sight 🙂 I asked hubby to get a cart and load it in and few minutes later and $14.99 less in our pocket… and precious was mine!! all mine!! 😛

wood chest makeover

I thought it was the perfect way to test the new recipe of home made chalk paint that i found on one of my favorite sites: Little House in the big D (see link below)

For this guy here I followed Samm’s recipe with Plaster of Paris, that you can find here. Kilz pure white, flat finish 1.5 cup – add 0.5 cup hot water – add 0.5 cup Plaster of Paris – add 1 TBS of Sherwin Williams – accessible beige (SW7036) – just to make it more off-white. Then mix, mix, mix.


This is the final result. I’m pretty happy with it, the little guy definitely looks happier – btw, he received so many compliments on his new look (who da man???)

Note: Looking at it now, i guess i borrowed more than the paint recipe 🙂 What can a girl do when a great idea slaps her in the face? LOL.

For the top: 1 can Rustoleum paint, black & flat (on the shelf at HD) – add 1.5 TBS Plaster of Paris (yes, right in the paint can). Then mix it really well (also careful not to spill it) and voilà – homemade chalk paint – well sort of, but it worked really well on wood.

Plaster of Paris - bought at Michael's for some $5

Plaster of Paris – bought at Michael’s for some $5

 And the final look on the top of the guy


I already put 2 coats of polycrilyc instead of wax, but only on the top so far, and i plan to coat the rest of it as i do have 2 toddlers who run their cars everywhere. Because i used water based paint i also used water based poly by Minwax:

P1080841 copy

It really works great, especially if you don’t want to make the extra effort with using wax.


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    Great job. We look forward for more.

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