Painted Ikea Stål shoe cabinet

I had this shoe cabinet from Ikea in the hallway and when i repainted the walls i decided to do something about the cabinet too.

P1080808 copy

I had some crackle effect paints from Modern Masters i wanted to try so i thought this might be a good guinea pig for this.

P1080856 copy

Although it says it should not be used over porous surfaces i took a risk and used it over chalk paint. I used homemade chalk paint for the shoe cabinet as it is made of particle board and veneer and i didn’t want to risk too much by sanding it and using primer and regular paint. Luckily, chalk paint goes over any surface with no preparation. I painted the cabinet with 2 coats of red homemade chalk paint.

After that it was time for the china crackle effect to happen. First, i put the basecoat (keeping my fingers crossed).

Cabinet with one half chalk paint and the other half has the basecoat on

Cabinet with one half chalk paint and the other half has the basecoat on

Then i brushed on the top coat and after that was dried it was time for the crackle enhancer. I was really excited to see how the small crackles would look like.

use a rag to rub the crackle enhancer

use a rag to rub in the crackle enhancer

I left the enhancer to penetrate the crackles for a few minutes then i used a rag to rub off the excess.

P1080823 copy

At the end it turned out quite nice actually.

stål cabinet

I used metallic paint for the trim just for a twist.

great metallic paint

great metallic paint

Here is a detail on the crackle

crackle detail

crackle detail

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