Bathroom mirror – from naked to new frame

This is the mirror that Dan got for our master bathroom – yes it’s huge …and also naked. After a few days of just looking at it, we decided it’s time to do something. We went to Lowe’s and HD and looked (and looked and looked) at the glass tiles they have and that are commonly used for back splash walls in the kitchen. Decided on the model and color, got four sheets of tiles and home we went to start working on the mighty idea Dan came up with 🙂

P1080193 copy

The basic idea was to frame the mirror with something like a mosaic made of small glass tiles. At first we tried Gorilla all purpose glue to glue each tile on the mirror, but that didn’t quite work as the setting time is too long and it didn’t hold very well either.

Note: the work was done with the mirror fixed on the wall, as we were too lazy i guess to take it down and put it horizontally 🙂

Then we used the all mighty Superglue and it worked just great. It is enough to hold the tile in place for just a few seconds and it will stay there

So a few days later I finally finished framing the whole mirror and this is how it turned out:

P1080244 copy

Have to say it does look pretty nice for now, as we still have to update the whole bathroom sometime in the future.

Here is a close-up, not the best pic though:

P1080250 copy

As i finally write this post, it’s been around 6 months since i finished the mirror and must say that i have to review the work 🙁 Just above where the faucet is, the tiles started to fall down, maybe because of all the splashing the mirror gets whenever my kids use the sink. So, i’m thinking to use a colored grout – that would make it look more like a mosaic and i hope the tiles will stay in place for many splashes to come 🙂

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